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About our Products
Our impressive array of lesson plan books and presentational CDs are sure to meet your foreign language teaching needs.  Over the years, we have created a wealth of unique, standards-based materials that have been used and shared by thousands of Foreign Language Educators across the nation to teach student-centered, culturally rich lessons.  The products are organized below in categories relevant to your lesson goals:  

Lesson Plan Books
Lesson Plan BooksBeginning, Intermediate, and Advanced language learners will delight in these creative and communicative project ideas.  Lessons are described in detail in the Teacher Notes included with each product, most of them using the 5-step lesson plan, the relevant foreign language standards are noted and the multiple intelligences have been addressed.  We also provide easy-to-use rubrics for evaluation.  All materials are photocopy-ready, and have proven to be popular among secondary school students. 

The classic "Todo lo mío" (beginning-intermediate) is available in four different languages for Teachers of Spanish, French ("Moi-même"), German ("Alles über mich"), and ELD ("All About Me"), the latter being easily translatable into less commonly taught languages (Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese, Tagalog, Russian, etc.).  "Lenguaje para la vida: 1 y 2" is a collection of lessons for students in intermediate to advanced levels of foreign language study, and comes in Spanish (in two parts) and French ("Le Français pour la Vie").  For more details on our popular lesson plan books, please continue exploring our site!

webassets/cdsbylang.jpgPresentational CDs

Teachers who enjoy incorporating eye-catching, authentic visual images into their lessons will appreciate our presentational CDs.  Each one is stocked with PowerPoint presentations that are stunning on a large screen or on individual computers, and the focus varies from cultural products and practices to virtual travel tours and graphically enhanced grammar explanations.  They have all been carefully put together and edited by teachers who use the materials regularly in their own classrooms and travel extensively, taking the photos themselves expressly for the purpose of teaching foreign languages, saving you countless hours of research and prep time!  They can be shown in their entirety in block schedule classes, or broken up into parts spanning across many days, and they may be the ideal solution for those days when students' minds begin to wander (pre- or post-vacations and pep rallies, post-AP-test, etc.) and you want to bring their attention back to foreign language with something unique, personalized, and rich in culture and content.  Both the grammar and cultural CDs include many, if not all, of the following features:

  • extensive teacher notes with ideas for how to present and vary the lessons
  • built-in guided practice to engage all students in active communication
  • additional background information on cultural aspects
  • detailed explanations of grammar concepts and examples with which secondary school students can relate
  • ready-to-use graphic organizers for students to take notes during the presentation
  • universal adaptability to a variety of textbook-related curricula

They've been categorized as follows, for your convenience:

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