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"All About Me", our classic lesson plan book for beginning and intermediate level classes of foreign language study, has been carefully translated into four (4) different languages:
* Spanish: "Todo lo mío" 
* French: "Moi-même"
* German: "Alles über mich"
* ...and English,
for ELD classes and less commonly taught languages, such as Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese, Tagalog, Russian, etc. 

The Table of Contents of the English version is listed to the right.  To order your copy, download the order form (MSExcel)!

Some highlights of this product:

Though "All About Me" is geared toward introductory and intermediate level students, many of the activities in all of our lesson plan books can be adapted for any stage of language learning.  For more complex opportunities for students to express themselves, negotiate with others, and make organized, original presentations in Spanish, check out our page on "Lenguaje para la vida 1 y 2"These are lesson plan books geared toward students of Intermediate- or Advanced-Spanish classes and introductory through advanced levels of Spanish for Spanish Speakers.

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Table of Contents


How To Use This Book

About the Authors

Birthday Party  Illustrating a favorite celebration

Bookmark   Distinguishing personalities with adjectives

Dream House   Designing the house of your dreams 

Family Album    Presenting the family and its preferences 

Family Tree   Describing family relationships 

Home Tour   Presenting a welcome tour of the home 

My Autobiography   Assembling a culminating portfolio project 

My Childhood   Depicting childhood memories 

My Daily Routine   Illustrating daily routines 

My Favorite Things   Sharing personal likes and dislikes 

My Future Life    Talking about life in the future 

My Neighborhood   Describing an urban environment 

My Personal Timeline   Creating a personal timeline 

Sports in My High School Yearbook   Chronicling sports, players and activities 

The Perfect Roommate   Describing an ideal roommate 

Time Capsule   Illustrating current teenage trends and lifestyles 

Truth or Lie   Narrating truth or fiction about yourself 

T-Shirt   Celebrating personal attributes and favorite activities

Appendix A:  Portfolios in Second Language Classrooms

Appendix B:  Conversation Carousel

Appendix C:  Cultural Participation and Research

Appendix D:  All About Me and the National Standards

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